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Puppy Photography Package

Covering Staffordshire, West Midlands, Shropshire and Worcestershire

Hi I'm Emma, a professional dog photographer and huge animal lover based in Wombourne.

I specialise in relaxed, colourful and emotive photography of your furry friends!

Are you about to add a new (very cute) member to your family? Excited to bring home your new puppy and watch them grow up? They grow so quickly and change so much in their first year, having a specialised puppy photography package is the perfect way to document their journey into a fully grown member of the family. With FOUR puppy minishoots throughout their first year - 18 months of life, you will get photos that capture every step of their growth!

Want to know more? Take a look below at what's included.


My Style and Approach

A photoshoot is an enjoyable experience for both you and your puppy I promise!
How can I know that for sure? Well keep reading...

My photography style is relaxed and emotive meaning there won't be lots of posing, I completely understand that a puppy will be full of energy, curiosity and not much desire to sit still! I will make suggestions and give direction on where it is best for your dog to be positioned in certain locations, but ultimately I will capture whatever is in front of me and that is the magic to a puppy photoshoot, you will capture their personality as it develops with age. I completely get that different puppies have varying obedience and energy levels as they grow up so the main priority is keeping them happy and engaged. This includes keeping your puppy on a lead when needed as I can easily remove this in post production. If you choose to be in the photos with your puppy and aren't the biggest fan of the camera you need not worry, my favourite prompt is getting you to interact with your puppy which always helps people relax.

I create vibrant and colourful photos. My favourite location is a forest or park where there is lots of greenery and if I'm really lucky some beautiful flowers, however I always suggest going somewhere that your young puppy is familiar and comfortable which may just be your garden, we can venture out to different locations in the latter photoshoots.


The Timeline and Process

How it works - A guide to your puppy package.
Please note, the age for each minishoot is just a guide, there is flexibility and I suggest that larger breed dogs have more time between each session.
Photoshoot One

10-12 weeks old

Ideally your puppy's first photoshoot will be when they are still a small ball of fluff! I suggest that you have already had them at home with you for a few weeks so they have started to settle in and feel confident in their surroundings and so you already have started to form a relationship with your new puppy. Due to your puppy's age and the likelihood they will not have had all of their shots, I recommend having this photoshoot at your house. We can get some beautiful photos in your own back garden and we can get some adorable photos of them inside when their energy levels have crashed abit. This photoshoot is all about capturing their cute little face and oh so fun puppy antics so you do not need to worry at all about how they will behave or what could go wrong. 

Photoshoot Two

A month later (6 weeks for larger breeds)

At this stage your puppy will probably have had all of their shots and started to venture out into the big wide world! If you are feeling confident at this point with your puppy being away from home we can choose a local outdoor location but there is no problem with having your second photoshoot at your house once again. The main thing with this photoshoot is to capture just how much they have changed in their first month of you bringing them home - it is a little unbelievable just how quickly they change in their first few months of life. Again, there is no need to worry about how well trained your puppy may or may not be at this point and if you do choose to go for a location away from your home there is absolutely no problem for you to keep your puppy on their lead the entire time.

Photoshoot Three

3 months later (4 for larger breeds)

At this point of your puppy photography package, I would suggest we go to a local nature spot or one of your favourite locations for a dog walk so we can make the most of the change in surroundings. Once again if you would like to keep your puppy on a lead this is not a problem. As your puppy is over 6 months old, they will likely have had some training and will be able to take abit more direction when having their photo taken so we can get some beautiful, slightly more posed images.

Photoshoot Four

6 months later (8 for larger breeds)

Your puppy is no longer a puppy, they are a fully grown and much loved family dog now. For your dog's final photoshoot I once again recommend going to a local nature spot/favourite dog walk location. Ideally this would be different to the location from the previous photoshoot but if not that is no problem because with the change in seasons it will look different anyway! To go out on a high we will get a very wide range of images in this photoshoot including trying to recreate some of the photos from their very first photoshoot so you can really see just how much they have changed.

Can't wait for your puppy to be my next model?

What's included?

- A welcome guide full of information and tips
- 4 Minishoots throughout your puppy's first year - 18 months.
- 2 Social Media Resolution Images from each minishoot.
- Your choice of a beautiful photobook or a large 4 image frame.


The Details for each minishoot

- 30 minute mini shoot at your chosen location (20 mile roundtrip included from WV5, extra mileage charged at 45p per mile)

- Professional editing of your images

- An online private gallery of 20 watermarked images for you to choose your favourite photographs from

- Two social media resolution images included from each minishoot

Puppy Photography Package - £475

Your Photoshoot Days

How it works - A guide to your puppy minishoot
Step 1

Preparing for your minishoot

I know a lot of people get nervous ahead of their photoshoot about what will happen and what if their puppy isn't too cooperative, but I am here to settle those nerves! I will speak to you prior to your puppy's phoroshoot to find out a bit more about them and their likes/dislikes. Honestly you have nothing to worry about, I have been around animals my whole life so I understand that every puppy is different and that all that's needed is a bit of patience. The most important thing is capturing your puppy's quirky personality so leave that bit up to me!​

Once your puppy package is booked and your first photoshoot in the diary I will send you a welcome guide. The guide includes some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your photoshoot, from what to have with you, getting your dog ready and what you may want to wear - it's all in there. It's also a great time to think about any specific images you would like of your pet. Take a look through my galleries and let me know which ones are your favourite so I can create something similar for you. 

Step 2

The day of your photoshoot

Now for the best part - the day of your photoshoot! I'll meet you at your chosen location, whether that's your home or a local park. Before I start taking photos, I'll spend some time chatting to you and getting to know your puppy so that they feel happy and comfortable with me.


Then we will get started taking photos. I take a wide range of images on a photoshoot and always split up the photographing so your puppy doesn't have to focus on one thing for too long and stays engaged. If your puppy has a favourite spot in your garden or a favourite toy, let me know as these can make the most memorable photos for owners. Whilst photographing I will keep an eye out for settings at your location that would make a great photo. We will have plenty of time during your shoot to have photos of you with your puppy if that is something you would like.

At the end of your first session, I will show you a sample photobook and a 4 image frame so you can choose which you would rather have included in your puppy package. Please note that your chosen print product will be created at the end of your puppy package once all the minishoots have been completed. If you would like to see my other print products that can be purchased as additional pieces alongside what is included in the puppy package please let me know.

Step 3

The big reveal

After your photoshoot I will professionally edit your images and have your gallery ready within 2 weeks. The photos will be uploaded to an online private gallery in my website client area for you to view and choose your favourites for your 2 social media resolution images that are included with each minishoot. This is my favourite part of the process as I love hearing your feedback on your photos and finding out which images you love!​​

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" Emma is truly dedicated to her work. 

She worked quietly and confidently to achieve some lovely photos of our cheeky chap Scamp!"

Sharon from Staffordshire


Still got some questions? Maybe these will help...

What if it rains?

We all know how unpredictable British weather can be so if it's looking like rain on the day of your shoot we can reschedule to a different day, no problem!

Can I have photos with my puppy?

Yes of course! I love having owners get involved in the photoshoot. We so rarely get photos with our pets, it's the perfect opportunity for you to get some photos that really capture the relationship you have with your puppy.

What if my puppy doesn't sit still?

A lot of people worry about this, I have photographed lots of dogs with a wide range of obedience levels and I've gotten beautiful photos of all of them. Fast shutter speed and an eye for the right moment goes a long way!

Can my puppy be on a lead?

Yes, this is not a problem at all, the lead can be easily removed from chosen photos.

How do I secure a puppy package?

To secure your puppy package, get in touch and we can find a day that suits us both for the first shoot. I then will send you a 25% deposit invoice to hold your chosen date. You will pay in 25% increments before each minishoot.

How do I prepare for the photoshoot?

Any questions you have should be answered in the welcome pack that will be sent to you once your date is secured. If you have any extra queries just drop me a message and I will be more than happy to help!

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Ready to book your puppy in for a puppy package?

Say hello, drop me an enquiry below and lets get chatting!


Print and Digital Products


Mounted Prints

7x5 (mounted to 10x8) - £15

12 x 8 (mounted to 16x12) - £20

High quality prints mounted in white, choose from two size options. An affordable way to have your photos come to life.

Frame_10 copy.jpg

Framed Prints

Single Image Frames from £95

Multi Image Frames from £175

Large mounted and framed high quality prints. Choose from various layouts and frame options. A great option if you have a few photos you really love.

igggg (1 of 7.JPG


Soft Cover (26 pages) - £245

Acrylic Cover (26 pages) - £325

Beautiful high quality photobooks with various options to create a bespoke album of your favourite photos. 

10 of your favourite images at social media resolution are included when you purchase a photobook.


s (3 of 91).jpg

Social Media Digitals

Single image - £10

5 for £40, 10 for £60, all for £200

Social Media resolution images with small corner watermark, perfect for sharing online and viewing on devices.

insta (1 of 1)-4.JPG

Full Resolution Digitals

Single Image - £25

5 for £110, 10 for £200, all for £500

Full resolution digital images for personal use. Perfect for printing as many times as you wish and sharing online.

igggg (1 of 7.JPG

Acrylic Products

Acrylic Blocks from £55

Acrylic Panels from £175

Luxurious glossy acrylic products for a more modern way of showcasing your favourite photographs.

igggg (2 of 7.JPG

Want to know more about the products I offer?

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