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Get to know the person behind the business...

Hello, I'm Emma...

Thanks for taking a look around my site, I'm Emma and I'm the person behind Jayvee Art and Photography. If you haven't guessed already from my work, I'm a huge animal lover! I've been very lucky to grow up with animals of all shapes and sizes. A great deal of my time revolves around my pets - my lovely black rescue cat Jinny and my pony Rosey who is my pride and joy. When I'm not surrounded by animals and spending lots of time at the yard, I enjoy catching up with my friends and seeing my boyfriend and being outdoors exploring new places.

I love visiting new places and I have a very long list of countries I'd like to visit one day, my dream holiday would be going to Africa and seeing giraffes in the wild. If you follow me on instagram you are also probably aware I'm a massive Harry Potter nerd!


Why I do what I do &

Why I'm the creative for you!

Most of my life revolves around animals - simple as that and I realised a few years ago how combining my love of all things creative with my love for animals would be a career I'd enjoy and be passionate about. I've always liked being creative since I was a kid, I loved painting from about the age of 3, you can imagine the mess I used to make!


My love of photography started when I was 13 and over the years I've experimented with all kinds of photography, but my favourite thing to photograph by miles is animals as they are always candid and 100% themselves in front of the camera. I love capturing moments of my own pets just acting naturally as these photos last a lifetime and it brings me so much joy to be able to capture images of your pets that you will cherish forever.

I've known for years I wanted to do photography as a job, but at the start of 2019 after my Christmas temp job ended I had a lot of time on my hands and after having a break from drawing since my A levels, I drew Rosey (of course) on a whim. I realised how much I enjoyed drawing animals and drew a portrait for my Aunt whose lovely dog had recently past and it has all just rolled on from there! I enjoy being able to create bespoke art that will be loved and admired for years to come.

My favourite part of my job is when customers choose to have a photoshoot package with a drawing of their favourite photo from the shoot. When you have a photoshoot with your pet, it allows me ample time to get to know them and their cheeky personality and this always makes the drawing process more personal as I feel I know the animal I'm drawing.

Whichever one of my creative services you choose to go for, I will take the time to chat with you so we can get to know each other and so I can learn more about your pets and your expectations. It's really important to me that I provide friendly and helpful customer service so if you have any queries at all during the whole process just drop me a message.


So if you think I'm the creative for you, I'd love to hear from you soon x

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