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I can't wait to hear from you...


If you've had a look around my site and like the look of my work, I'd love to hear from you! Drop me a message with your details and which of my creative services you are interested in. Feel free to tell me abit about your animals as it'd be great to know more about them - whether that's so I know who to expect when I greet them for their photoshoot or so I know a little more about their personality before I start drawing. If you have a special request or commission idea and would like to know if I can create something unique for you, feel free to ask.


If you are a previous customer, it'd be fab if you could leave a review below and let me know what you think of your drawing or your photos and  how you feel about your experience with me and my business. 

Please note that my responses to your submission may go to your spam so if you are waiting on a reply, please check there or drop me an email directly -

Thanks for your message, I'll be in touch soon!

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