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Name Plate Prices & Information

Here's your options!

First, choose between plywood or hardwood. Then, choose a diameter size. It's then up to you if you want to keep it simple and stick to just the standard horse portrait or if you want to jazz it up and add extra imagery like flowers or horseshoes. If you would like extra text, for example owner's name or both stable and show name, then you can choose the extra text option. If you would like both extra text and extra imagery that is fine. Have a look at my gallery if you'd like to have a look at all the options. Please note prices include tracked UK postage, shipping prices will vary internationally.




* Includes horse head portrait & stable name OR show name




* Includes horse head portrait & stable name OR show name


Due to changes in wood prices and shortages, I am currently only keeping plywood in stock, so if you would prefer hardwood, please contact me for a price.

Additional Options

Extra Text - £5

*Add on top of whichever wood option you would like

Extra Imagery - £10

*Add on top of whichever wood option you would like

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stable nameplate
stable nameplate
stable nameplate

About the Nameplates

All of the name plates I create are hand drawn from your photographs and made to order, this means that you get a completely unique plaque personalised especially for you and your horse! I have created custom wooden plaques before so if you have a request for a different wood shape or size or multiple horses, please drop me a message.

I offer two different types of wood, however due to covid and wood shortages, I am only stocking plywood currently so if you especially want hardwood please ask me and I will see if I can get hold of some wood for you. Both Plywood and `hardwood are suitable for indoor or outdoor stables. Despite plaques being varnished and waterproofed, please note that plaques will last longer if they're hung out of direct sunlight and out of direct exposure to weather.

The two diameter size options are 20cm and 25cm, it's personal preference on whether you'd like  a smaller or larger name plate but please bear in mind, if your horse has a long name, the text will be larger on the 25cm plaque.



The drawing of your horse is created from one of your own photos. Feel free to send me multiple photos so we can choose the best image together. On this scale, I can only draw a horse head portrait so please be aware I cannot draw a full body image on the name plate. Bridles and head collars in the image are fine. As always, the better the image the better the detail.

If you choose to jazz up your name plate with extra imagery, you can choose from flowers of your choice, horseshoes or anything of a similar size. Your horse is a snack monster, go for carrots. Your horse is a competition  star, how about rosettes? Or if you're as inventive as me and your horse is called Rosey, go for roses... the possibilities are endless!

It's also an option to add more text. If you'd like both your horse's show name and stable name, you can choose to add more text, or if you would like to add your name and contact details that is fine as well. You can still have extra imagery if you choose extra text as well - feel free to go all out.


Once you've picked your options and made your order, I will get in touch when I'm ready to start your name plate. This depends on how busy I am with other commissions, but I aim to have name plates completed within 4 weeks (longer at Christmas as the pet portrait rush is a bit insane.) I make mockups in photoshop so you can check you are happy with the portrait placement and can choose your font from the font list that I will send you. If you don't like any of the fonts, let me know as I have hundreds on my laptop and can send you more options.

When you have picked a mockup design I can get to work on your name plate. After I've completed the name plate, I will send a final photo to you so you can check you are 100% happy with everything. Once you've let me know you love it, I will spray the drawing with fixative and then coat both sides of the name plate with varnish to make sure that it will stand up to a life at the yard!

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