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Prices, Information & FAQ'S

Animals play such an important part in our lives, whether you've got a crazy dog, a stubborn cat or a moody mare, we love our pets unconditionally! A photoshoot with your animals is a great way to make some memories that will last forever so if you are interested in having your pet or equine's personality perfectly captured in a relaxed and natural photoshoot then take a look at my packages and additional products below. 

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All of my new photography packages include a welcome guide for advice and ideas for your shoot.

Additional prints and high resolution digital images available to purchase separately.

For reference:

Social Media resolution images are suitable for online sharing and looking at digitally, they are not large enough quality to be printed. 

Full resolution digital images are suitable for personal use for whatever purpose you would like, printing at large sizes, posting online etc - you can do as you wish and print as many times as you like.

These are my standard packages, if you would like something abit more custom, please drop me a message and we can create something for you!

The Frame Package



1 hour photoshoot in location of your choice

40 social media quality images with small corner watermark uploaded to a private online gallery for you to download your full gallery

A 12 x 8 luxurious mounted and framed print of your chosen image

Option to purchase more high resolution digitals or printed images

Includes travel up to 15 miles from WV5 postcode 

The Multi  Package



1-1.5 hour photoshoot in location of your choice

50 social media quality images with small corner watermark uploaded to a private online gallery for you to download your full gallery

A bespoke multi photo frame that includes 8 of your chosen images

Option to purchase more high resolution digitals or printed images

Includes travel up to 20 miles from WV5 postcode 

The Photobook Package



1-1.5 hour photoshoot in location of your choice

50 social media quality images with small watermark uploaded to a private online gallery for you to download your full gallery

A beautiful professional photobook created from your gallery with a gloss acrylic front cover

Option to purchase more high resolution digitals or printed images

Includes travel up to 30 miles from WV5 postcode 

The Full Package




1-1.5 hour photoshoot in location of your choice

A professionally edited gallery of 50+ images for you to view and choose your 25 favourites

25 full resolution digital images presented on a USB in a personalised gift box

Option to purchase prints and other print products 

Includes travel up to 30 miles from WV5 postcode 

Looking for a gift?

Struggling for present ideas? If you're looking for a gift for someone special, a photoshoot voucher makes a brilliant present. I offer gift vouchers for my pet and equine photoshoots where you can pay for a package in full or pay as much as you would like towards one. Contact me for more information about gift vouchers.

Fancy a discount?

A returning customer? As a thank you for supporting my small business, I offer a 6 month loyalty discount of 10% so if you have had a photography package then you will automatically get 10% off any of my art products for the next 6 months.

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More about equine photoshoots

As an equestrian and horse lover myself I understand the bond that develops between a horse and their owner. There is nothing quite like it. This means that photographing you and your horse will be a natural and fun process for everyone involved.

For photoshoots I recommend having a well groomed horse (difficult I know especially if your horse likes the mud as much as mine), and clean tack or a smart head collar. 

Let me know whether you would like a portraiture shoot of just your horse, of you and your horse, a ridden shoot or a bit of a mix of everything! The choice is up to you. I will edit at least one image with a black background as I know these are a firm favourite. I also recommend if possible, having some photos of your horse at the end of the shoot in their field as the result of these photos is always very candid and beautiful as your horse is just being themselves without any worry of posing.

Outfit changes are also a great idea so that we can create a different feel to the images within your shoot, so bring along a few options and I can advise you on what will work best but above all, wear something you feel confident and happy in.

I have a variety of methods to get your horse's attention so don't worry, we will get those ears forwards! It's also a good idea to have some treats at hand as food bribery always goes a long way.

Horse equine photoshoot photographer
horse equine photoshoot photographer
dog pet photoshoot photographer staffordshire
cat pet photoshoot photographer staffordshire

More about pet photoshoots

Pets are such a key part of our families, whether they are here for a short or a long time they make a huge imprint on our lives and having a photoshoot of your pet will mean you have beautiful memories of them for years and years to come. Whether you've got a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or even reptiles or birds, I would love to photograph your pets!


If you are worried about your dog getting abit over excited and not sitting still for photos or your cat deciding that they don't fancy posing for the camera, I'm here to put your mind at ease. I have a dwarf hamster that I regularly photograph so I can assure you I have a boat load of patience and a lot of tricks up my sleeve. I will admit however, that food bribery does go a long way so if possible, have a few of your pet's favourite treats handy.

It's a great idea when having a pet photoshoot to include props whether this is your dog's favourite toy or your cat's favourite sleeping spot, it adds a nice authentic touch to your images. If it's possible I would advise having part of your photoshoot outside as natural light really is a photographer's best friend and having greenery in the background always makes for a beautiful shot. A great location for dog photoshoots especially is your local walk / greenspace as the surroundings will be familiar to your dog and it gives me the chance to take some photos of them in their element just loving life.

I will take a variety of images during your pet's photoshoot so you'll get a wide selection to choose between, if you would like to be in the photos with your pet you are more than welcome. The most important thing is for you and your pet to enjoy the experience!


I live outside of Staffordshire, will you travel?

I'm more than happy to travel further afield, a certain number of miles is included in each photoshoot package, but on top of that it is 45p per mile. 

Can I reschedule my photoshoot if the weather is bad?

Of course! We all know how unpredictable British weather is so if it's raining on the day of your shoot we can reschedule to a day that has better weather and hopefully no rain, no need to worry.

I have more than one animal, can they both be in the shoot?

The more the merrier! If you have more than one pet or horse you would like images of that is fine. We will have more than enough time to take some individual photos and some group photos of your animals if that is something you would like.

What animals/pets do you photograph?

Any! I love all animals. If you don't have dogs, horses or cats, if instead  you have reptiles, rodents or rabbits I would love to photograph your pets. I have a hamster myself and have worked with rabbits in the past so I have experience photographing small animals that may not stay still for long.

Can I be in the photoshoot with my animals?

You are more than welcome to take part in the photoshoot with your animals, we will have plenty of time to take a range of photos so let me know if there is anything in particular you would like. 

Do you have any location recommendations?

If you are based in the Staffordshire area, I would recommend either Himley Hall or Kinver Edge. However if you are based outside of Staffordshire, I can help advise you on what would make a good location. 

How many photos will there be?

Depending on the shoot and the animal, there will be anything from 40-60 images for you to view and choose your favourites from - you'll be spoilt for choice.

What photographic kit do you use?

I use a Canon 5D markiii with either a 70-200mm f2.8 lens or a 24-70mmm f2.8 lens depending on the type of shots we are doing. I also have a backup camera body with me at all times just in case.

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