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Equine Memorial Frames

The feelings of loss when you lose a horse is something I think only equestrians can fully understand, these equine memorial frames are a beautiful way to remember your heart horse. They are bespoke and hand crafted including a plait of your horse's mane or tail alongside their name and a realistic drawing.

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I offer two types of Equine memorial frames

Just the hair

This standard memorial frame includes your horse's portrait, name and their mane/tail in a plait

Price includes UK tracked postage

12 x 10 inch frame


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The shoe too

This deluxe memorial frame includes everything mentioned for the standard frame but also includes your horse's shoe.

Price includes tracked UK postage 

20 x 16 inch frame


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More about the frames

Due to the frames being completely bespoke, we will be in contact the whole way through the process, but here is bit more about the process.

The plait is made from your horse's own mane or tail, you will have to post this out to me at your own cost once you have placed an order. I recommend sending this with tracked postage due to its precious nature. I will send you my delivery details. All hair is washed before being added to the frame, if you would like to wash your hair before sending it that is great but I am happy to sort out washing the hair. Any hair not used will be safely returned to you. Please bear in mind that the more hair you send me, the larger the plait can be but I can work with whatever you have.

The drawing itself is roughly A5 sized, as always, the better quality photo provided the more detail will be in the drawing. You will get a font list to choose your favourite font from for your horse's name.

Horsehoes can be sent to me with tracked postage alongside the hair. I have them specially cleaned with the clips removed so you don't need to worry about sorting this before you send it to me. 

You have a variety of frame options to choose from, depending on if you choose the standard or deluxe sized frame. All frames are hanging frames.

If you have any special ideas or requests or have any questions I haven't answered here, please feel free to drop me a message!

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