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The Drawing Process

Step 1 - Choose your photo

Perhaps the most important step - choosing your photo. Generally, the better the photo the better the drawing! I can create the best portraits from good quality images where I can clearly see the different details, fur patterns and direction of the coat. Photos that are taken at your pets level and in natural light without harsh shadows make great reference photos as these are the most flattering angles and I will get the most accurate reference for your pet or horse's colouring. A top tip for a reference photo is to make sure there's a light in the eyes as this really adds life to the drawing.

However, the most important thing by far for a reference image is to make sure your pet's personality shines through so I can really capture them on paper. If you have a particular image in mind and are worried about it not being detailed enough, I completely understand, sometimes it isn't possible to get a high quality image and I will do my best to create a portrait that will meet your expectations.

Reference vs Drawing, art, artist, pet portrait
Reference vs drawing, pet art, dog drawing, pert portrait

Step 2 - Choose a size

The next step is to choose a drawing size that meets your requirements. A4 is the most popular size I offer and it's my favourite size to create. It's a large enough scale so I can get in lots of detail but it's small enough that it can be mounted and framed without needing too much wall space. If you've got more than one lovely pet, A3 works nicely for 2 or 3 subjects.

If you have a custom size in mind, I will happily accommodate that, just drop me a message and I will send you a quote.

Step 3 - Get in touch

When you're ready, please get in touch. Let me know your chosen portrait size, any questions you may have and please attach your reference photo. Feel free to tell me about your pet as I love to know more about the animals I'll be drawing! Once you have gotten in touch, I will let you know of my timeframes. My commission list varies throughout the year and is obviously busiest at Christmas so if you are enquiring for a Birthday, Christmas or special occasion, please get in touch with ample time so I can try my best to get the drawing completed for your special date.

I require a 25% deposit at the time of your commission booking, this secures your place on my waitlist. I will also send you order documents for you to read through to check you are happy with everything. I will send you an email when I am making a start on your drawing, from this point, please allow 2-3 weeks for your drawing to be completed.

Work in progress

Step 4 - Creating your drawing

Now for the most exciting part - creating your drawing! All of my drawings are created on Winsor and Newton heavyweight ivory white paper, if you would prefer your drawing on grey paper due to your pet's coat colour please let me know when you enquire. Unless you have asked me not to, I will probably post work in progress photos on my social media so you can watch your drawing progressing. 

When I have completed your drawing, I will get in touch and send you a photo of the finished portrait so you can check you are 100% happy with everything and there is nothing you want changing. Once you have let me know you are happy with your drawing it will be sprayed with Winsor and Newton fixative spray. The spray prevents the drawing from smudging and also helps protect it from UV fading.

Step 5 - Finishing Touches

After your drawing is finished, this is the stage you can add the finishing touches to your order. If you have chosen to add prints of your original I will get these printed to send out with your portrait so everything arrives together.

This is the stage that if you have chosen to add a mount to your drawing, I will get your portrait mounted and ready to send to you. I will send images of prints and mounted portraits so you can again check that you are happy with your order.

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Step 6 - Delivery

Once I have received the full payment for my services, I will post your drawing. Drawings are posted with cardboard backing in a cellophane bag within a cardboard 'do not bend' envelope to ensure they stay safe and don't get bent or damaged during transit. Portraits also come with a handwritten thank you note and a care guide for your art.

All of my prices include UK tracked DPD delivery so once I have posted your drawing, I will give you a reference number for you to keep track of your artwork. Please drop me a message when your drawing has arrived so I know it has reached you safely as I am a worrier!

Step 7 - Testimonials

After you have received your portrait, I would absolutely love to hear from you! Testimonials are a fab way for me to build up my business, I would really appreciate a Facebook or google review or if you would prefer, just send me an email with your testimonial.


I also love seeing photos of pets with their portraits and seeing the artwork framed and on the wall so if you get chance, please send these to me.

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