Hi There

Hi, my name is Emma and I run Jayvee Art and Photography. Ever since I was young I have always had an imaginative and creative perception on life, after taking art at school I realised that was the direction I wanted to follow in the future. I started taking photos around the age of 13 and I developed my passion throughout my teenage years. I've been incredibly lucky to work with some amazing people who have helped encourage my love for art and photography.   


When I'm not behind a camera or holding pencils, I spend my time repurposing clothes or chilling watching netflix with my cat, Jinny. I'm a keen horse rider and I enjoy socialising down at the stables and riding out in the woods with my pony. Another passion of mine is music, despite being completely incapable of playing any instrument, I love going to concerts and music has a huge influence in my life. 

My portfolio is very influenced by all forms of creative references and I like to make each piece of work individual and original. I try to portray certain feelings and emotions through my photos so that whoever views my work can feel connected to the subject. I particularly enjoy well framed images and prefer a candid natural approach to my photography. I love spending time with animals and I understand how each animal has their own quirks and cheeky personalities and my aim is to let this shine through in my work so that your beloved pets are shown exactly how they are.

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